A review from the other side: GhostiLeaks

This book was provided by the author for review purposes

Ever since I was a child witches and ghosts intrigued me. I even rented a book from the youth section of the library once with witches’ recipes.  One recipe actually said: you can make this with poisoned mushrooms, but you’ll only do that once of course. I loved that sort of dark humour and still do. Over time my interest in witches remained and my interest in ghosts increased. I’ve also always loved reading books, although I’ve read far too less in the past few years. So when the author of the book GhostiLeaks started following me on Twitter, I was instantly curious about the book. When I discovered I can definitely relate to the author’s saying: “I don’t believe in ghosts, but I’m frightened of them”, I had to read it. Here’s a review from the other side ……… of the North Sea.



Titel: GhostiLeaks: 13 Tales of Terror Leaked from the Other Side!
Author: M.J. Peter
Paperback: 194 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (August 28, 2014)
ISBN: 1500990957
Language: English


The book contains 13 separate stories about the paranormal with a horror twist. It’s easy to read. I had no problem reading it for hours and still be focused. However, ‘easy to read’ doesn’t mean ‘boring’. Each story gripped me and gave me that eerie Twilight Zone feeling which I love! I was experiencing  the emotions of the characters; if a character was scared, I felt it. In one of the stories, the character is feeling chased and hunted down. I actually read the words faster, hurried. Sometimes my heart was racing and I often had an evil grin because of the plot. Two of the stories left me wanting to read them again because I didn’t fully understand the plot. Like when you need to watch a movie twice to fully understand the story. I don’t think that’s a bad thing though. It means I can be surprised by reading these stories a second time.

I also really liked that besides fiction, the author also shares his real-life experiences with the paranormal. This shows the author’s passion and knowledge on the subject. The creepy facts about how the author came up with a story are a wonderful addition. I really liked reading a little bit of the background.

Another thing I really liked, is that sometimes the layout is adapted to the story. Where sometimes *** are used to separate text, in the story The Sandman ZZzz is used and in the story Pause the pause symbol is used. I love that kind of little details.

I really enjoyed this book. If you’re interested in ghosts / the paranormal, you should definitely read it!

Thank you M.J. Peter for getting me acquainted with this book! Volume II will make its way to my book case!


PS. Because I’m Dutch, you might experience some Dunglish or cringe-making grammar fails in this blog. If you do, please leave a comment below or contact me by email: marga at marblog.nl. I’m willing to learn!

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