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In February 2017 I discovered Ghost Tours Netherlands and after chasing ghosts in Breda, I was so enthusiastic that I decided I wanted to visit the other 3 tours as well. After visiting Sinful ‘s-Hertogenbosch, I visited the dead in Tilburg and on 31 March I set out on a journey to ghostly Assen.

Unsuspectingly, I left my hotel looking for Bartje, who had a special visitor this evening. A macabre gentleman was awaiting mortals who wanted to explore Assen under his guidance. When I told the guide about my stay in Hotel De Jonge, he laughed so maliciously that I wondered if I’d sleep at all that night. The group of mortals quickly gathered, so we were able to set out very early. Despite the light daylight saving time brings, the journey still led us through the dark streets of Assen.

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The guide led us past historical locations and buildings where we heard stories about their dark history. We enjoyed listening to the stories about conquerors, money that disappeared, water monsters, deadly bread, love and sinister accidents and a woman who lured children into a mysterious antique toy shop. Our guide made sure we weren’t lured away and brought us safely back to Bartje. From there I returned to my hotel, where I had a good night’s sleep despite the macabre gentlemen’s revelation about the sinister history of the hotel.


The guide’s stories revolve around the history of Assen. He tells them in a very humorous way with a whiff of sarcasm and lots of black humour. The tour is highly recommended if you’d like to have a enormously fun ghostly evening.

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