Sinful ‘s-Hertogenbosch


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In February 2017 I disovered Ghost Tours Netherlands and after I visited the tour in Breda, I was so enthusiastic that I decided I also wanted to visit the other 3 tours. That’s why I entered Sinful ‘s-Hertogenbosch on Thursday 9 March 2017.

A sinister apparition awaited unsuspecting mortals at the Ruische Poort. If you pay him, you can visit ‘s-Hertogenbosch under his guidance and protection and hear his stories about the sins of the city. To make sure nobody gets lost, everybody receives a lantern and then the journey can begin.


The guide leads us through the most narrow and creepy alleys of the city past different locations and exposes the hidden sins belonging to each location through his stories. We listen carefully and sometimes horrified to the stories about workman, those sentenced to death, war criminals, murderers, ghosts and unfortunate innocent souls. It becomes clear why the tour only takes place after dark: these old secrets of the city can’t bear the daylight.


When we approach a dangerous part of the city, the guide speeds up for our protection. We turn left, right, straight ahead, right or was it left? Make sure you stay with the group if you want to find your way back out of the sinful city! Fortunately the guide halts at an inn, where you would’ve rather skipped dinner on a Wednesday in the days of yesteryear……..


Before we know it, we’re safely back at the Ruische Poort after a brisk walk with ominous stories. The sinister stories are based on the history of ‘s-Hertogenbosch and are told in a fascinating and spectacular way with a little humour. Some stories really give you the creeps. The tour is highly recommended if you’d like to have an exciting evening, but be careful! Nothing is what it seems.

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