Visiting the dead in Tilburg


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I discovered Ghost Tours in the Netherlands in February 2017 and after I visited the tour in the city of Breda, I was so enthusiastic that I decided I also wanted to visit the other 3 tours. After the first tour I visited Sinful ‘s-Hertogenbosch and on Saturday evening 18 March I visited the dead in Tilburg.

On a dreary Saturday evening I was rushing through Tilburg when suddenly an impressive fence with beautiful statues appeared before me. It was apparent that my journey began here, my journey leading to places with a deadly secret. Cemetery ’t Heike is a wonderful departure point for a ghost tour. After securing a safe passage, the group entered the city of Tilburg guided by a mysterious lady.


We saw beautiful and important places (in the history) of Tilburg and listened to stories about banished people, medieval punishment, murderers, bloodthirsty folk, betrayed innocents and vengeful ghosts at every place. Stories that will make your hair stand on end and sent chills down your spine.


The horrifying stories are based on historic events in Tilburg’s history. The guide tells them with an ominous voice and in a spectacular fashion, which ensures that you’ll listen carefully and anxiously. It’s highly recommended if you want to see Tilburg in a different light and want to have an eerie evening! But beware, because the dead will continue to guard their beloved city and keep an eye on you:

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